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The sun can damage your gel-coat, upholstery, carpet, and instrumentation. Protect them with a custom-fitted cover made from Canvas Creations! Standard cockpit covers help keep your boat dry and free from the elements when your boat in not in use. This is a small investment to ensure you keep your boat looking new and clean.

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Quick and easy to put up and take down, providing extra living space in foul weather. It can protect you from the wind and rain, act as a sun screen and in many cases gives an additional ‘room’ thus making a smaller boat ‘bigger’. Stay out on the water longer while protecting your family and friends from the sun with one of your new Screened Camper Enclosures.

Marine Canvas NJ Cape May - Canvas Creations NJ


Allows fresh air to circulate to avoid moisture build up as well as provides a barrier for flying insects and spiders.

A screened canvas provides the ultimate comfort and protection from the weather elements.

Marine Canvas NJ Cape May - Canvas Creations NJ


A Sprayhood is designed to protect the yachts cockpit and crew from the worst of the sea and weather. Benefits include:

  • Protection from sea spray, wind and cold
  • Allows good vision in all weathers
  • Provides privacy in harbour
  • The strong tubular stainless steel frames and grab rails provide increased safety

Marine Canvas NJ Cape May - Canvas Creations NJ


For covering boats stored outdoors, you should raise the center area of the cover and prevent water and debris
from collecting there. Some boats may need 2 boat poles. The pole will usually have a snap at the top, with a matching snap in the cover, so that pole can't slip out of place. If you will be trailering your boat, be sure to get a mooring cover designed for trailering.

Marine Canvas NJ Cape May - Canvas Creations NJ


These covers protect your electronic instruments. They can also be made for a center console boat instrument cluster, leaning post, captain's seat and motor cover. These covers are easy to put on, easy to stow, and are a great value for the price.

Marine Canvas NJ Cape May - Canvas Creations NJ


The highest level of the boat, where the navigator needs protection from the sun and rain while navigating the vessel.

A cockpit fly enclosure makes it more comfortable as well as provide safety.

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BLACK-OUT Curtains

Black curtains are the ideal way to keep the heat out, but still have your view. These exterior curtains provide the added benefit of giving you privacy while your boat is moored without hindering your view from the inside, as you can see through the shading mesh curtain. You can also have solid canvas curtains for added privacy and comfort.